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Old Favorites- Thursday, Sept 23

23 Sep

The Big Bang Theory: The Robotic Manipulation CBS 8 PM ET

Sheldon goes on his first date ever and Penny finds herself as the third wheel.

Community: Anthropology 101 NBC 8 PM ET

Betty White joins the cast as the gang’s Anthropology professor.  Jeff must deal with the awkward tension between Britta and Annie, and Senor Chang tries to join the study group.

Bones: The Mastodon in the Room FOX 8 PM ET

Seventh months after the fifth season finale, the whole team ends back up in DC to solve the case of an unidentified boy.

30 Rock: The Fabian Strategy NBC 8:30 PM ET

Liz continues her blossoming relationship with Carol (Matt Damon), and everyone must adjust to changes in the crew. Continue reading


Dibs!- HIMYM S6E1

21 Sep

The gang is back at MacLaren's. Source: sidereel.com

How I Met Your Mother is finally back for it’s sixth season and it starts off with a bang, placing Ted at what we assume is his big day at the alter.  Of course, its not that easy, because pretty soon we are back in the present day saddled up with a beer in MacLaren’s. Continue reading

Everything’s Bigger in Texas, Including the Con- Lone Star S1E1

21 Sep

Bob/Robert Allen is living 2 lives in Texas. Source: wehavebeards.com

Lone Star opens with a shot of Bob/Robert frantically packing and on the run with his father, John Allen.  Conning has been a part of Bob’s life since he was young, and growing up has allowed him to perfect his skill.  His father even laments, “You’re a con man son; and you’re better at it than anybody I have ever met.”  So, just how good is Bob at running a con? Continue reading

Old Favorites- Tuesday, Sept 21

21 Sep

Glee: “Audition” FOX 8 PM ET

The Glee Club recruits new members and have to adjust to being the outcasts at school again after losing in regionals.

NCIS: “Spider and the Fly” CBS 8 PM ET

Paloma Reynosa is still on the run and Gibbs must take extreme measures to protect all of his close friends and family.

The Biggest Loser: NBC 8 PM ET

Jillian and Bob, the trainers on the Biggest Loser

The trainers visit seven US cities searching for new, deserving and motivated contestants for the new season.  The tenth season focuses on the theme of “Paying it Forward”.

New Shows- Tuesday, Sept 21

21 Sep

Raising Hope: FOX 9 PM ET

A comedy about a young man who must raise his child with the help of his quirky family.

Running Wilde: FOX 9:30 PM ET

A story about an immature, rich man who tries to win the heart of his crunchy child-hood sweetheart.  Will opposites attract in the new FOX comedy?

Detroit 1-8-7: ABC 10 PM ET

A crime drama following an inner city homicide unit in Detroit.

Old Favorites- Monday, Sept 20

20 Sep

How I Met Your Mother: “Big Days” CBS 8 PM ET

Ted runs into his ex-girlfriend, who also happens to be his future wife’s roommate.  Robin is still recovering after Don left last season.

Chuck: “Chuck Versus the Anniversary”  NBC 8 PM ET

Chuck searches for his mother and the Buy More gets a new updated look, including new employee Olivia Munn. Continue reading