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Lone Star Music- S1E1

21 Sep

Well, one things for sure, apparently con-men like the band Mumford and Sons…

Mumford & Sons “The Cave”

Rogue Wave “Eyes”

Jose Gonzales “Heartbeats”
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Everything’s Bigger in Texas, Including the Con- Lone Star S1E1

21 Sep

Bob/Robert Allen is living 2 lives in Texas. Source:

Lone Star opens with a shot of Bob/Robert frantically packing and on the run with his father, John Allen.  Conning has been a part of Bob’s life since he was young, and growing up has allowed him to perfect his skill.  His father even laments, “You’re a con man son; and you’re better at it than anybody I have ever met.”  So, just how good is Bob at running a con? Continue reading