Everything’s Bigger in Texas, Including the Con- Lone Star S1E1

21 Sep

Bob/Robert Allen is living 2 lives in Texas. Source: wehavebeards.com

Lone Star opens with a shot of Bob/Robert frantically packing and on the run with his father, John Allen.  Conning has been a part of Bob’s life since he was young, and growing up has allowed him to perfect his skill.  His father even laments, “You’re a con man son; and you’re better at it than anybody I have ever met.”  So, just how good is Bob at running a con?

Well, Bob has successfully set up two separate lives in different parts of Texas.  In Midland, Texas, as Robert, he is living with his girlfriend, Lindsay, while conning the local townspeople to invest in shares of a new energy company.  He has friends, is a local town hero, his girlfriend’s parents love him, and he’s even a gracious host of a neighborhood barbeque (complete with 2 kegs and a moon bounce). 

In Houston, Texas, Bob shares his large estate with his wife, Cat, daughter of a wealthy oil tycoon.  His father-in-law, Clint Thatcher, respects him so much, that he offers Bob a job helping restructure the company.  John Allen cannot believe his son’s luck, and is excited that they are on their way to the biggest con of their lives.  One problem: Bob wants to take the job for real and start a real life with no more cons.

While Bob makes an effort to convince his father to let him do this, it seems everything else is going wrong.  A lawyer in Midland is looking into the fake company Robert has been selling shares for, and this causes him to have to leave Lindsay and his other life behind.  In addition, Tramm (Cat’s brother) is none to pleased with his father’s decision to hire Bob, and has vowed to take him down. 

When Bob secures the position at the oil business, he decides to push the company towards a wind farm venture.  This effectively wins over Drew’s (the youngest Thatcher brother) affection and allows him to continue his life in Midland by making him the owner of the land he sold shares of.  By the episode’s end we see that Bob is further complicating his web of lies, by planning to marry Lindsay, the girlfriend we all thought he left behind.

I have to say that this new drama is one of the better Pilots of the fall season.  James Wolk, who plays Bob Allen, makes the audience feel his conflict.  It wasn’t too far-fetched of an idea that he is truly in love with both of his lives, and we can see the extent to which he is willing to go to keep all of his relationships viable already.  It was also really sad to watch him con all of the townspeople, who you get a sense do not have much.  But as soon as you started to hate him for his criminal behavior, you were right back to feeling empathic for him because of the tough position he is in.  It’ll be interesting to see just how well Bob Allen can balance the three most important relationships in his life the rest of the season.

Next Episode: Monday, September 27, 9 PM ET FOX


One Response to “Everything’s Bigger in Texas, Including the Con- Lone Star S1E1”

  1. Red Beard September 23, 2010 at 12:52 am #

    I agree. I was pleasantly surprised with this one. Wolk was truly charming. I think a great talent that we’ll see for years. I think it will be tough for the writers to keep up the two different lives. This show will have to reinvent itself every season. But I’m thinking forward to seeing what’s next.

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