Old Favorites- Thursday, Sept 23

23 Sep

The Big Bang Theory: The Robotic Manipulation CBS 8 PM ET

Sheldon goes on his first date ever and Penny finds herself as the third wheel.

Community: Anthropology 101 NBC 8 PM ET

Betty White joins the cast as the gang’s Anthropology professor.  Jeff must deal with the awkward tension between Britta and Annie, and Senor Chang tries to join the study group.

Bones: The Mastodon in the Room FOX 8 PM ET

Seventh months after the fifth season finale, the whole team ends back up in DC to solve the case of an unidentified boy.

30 Rock: The Fabian Strategy NBC 8:30 PM ET

Liz continues her blossoming relationship with Carol (Matt Damon), and everyone must adjust to changes in the crew.

CSI: Shock Waves CBS 9 PM ET

Ray Langston continues to struggle for his life in the hospital after being stabbed in the finale of the tenth season.  Justin Beiber guest stars as a troubled, gun-toting teen.

The Office: Nepotism NBC 9 PM ET

A new office assistant joins the staff and Pam tries her hand at a workplace prank.

Fringe: Olivia FOX 9 PM ET

Peter and Walter adjust to the alternative Olivia, while the true Olivia tries to find a way out of the alternate universe.

Grey’s Anatomy: With You I’m Born Again ABC 9 PM ET

Derek resigns as chief and the whole hospital deals with the aftermath of the shooting.

Private Practice: Take Two ABC 10 PM ET

Violet and Pete prepare for their imminent wedding, but all the doctors continue to mourn for the loss of Dell.

The Mentalist: Red Sky At Night CBS 10 PM ET

Patrick Jane questions his future employment and a lawyer is kidnapped.

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