New Seasons and Top Picks- Sunday, Sept 26

26 Sep

Amazing Race 17: They Don’t Call it the Amazing Race for Nothin! CBS 8:30  PM

The 17th season of this reality show starts up again in Gloucester, Mass.  Teams must then fly to London, England and navigate a series of tasks.  This is apparently the episode where the watermelon catapult is used, and if that viral video can’t get you to tune in, I don’t know what will.

Dexter: My Bad Showtime 9 PM ET

Dexter must deal with notifying family and making arrangements after the death of Rita, as well as deal with his own guilt.

Boardwalk Empire: The Ivory Tower HBO 9 PM ET

Nucky must cover his tracks after Agent Nelson Van Alden comes around looking into the recent crime spree.  In Chicago, Al Capone talks to the press about recent accusations.

Desperate Housewives: Remember Paul? ABC 9 PM ET

Vanessa Williams joins the cast as Lynette’s unexpected visitor and successful friend from college.  Paul Young also returns to the block after being released from prison.

Mad Men: Hands And Knees AMC 10 PM ET

Betty has an unexpected visitor, Don works with North American Aviation with a lot of political implications.

Undercover Boss: Choice Hotels International CBS 10 PM ET

Stephen Joyce, CEO of Choice Hotels, starts season 2 by going undercover in his company.  What will he discover and what changes will he make due to his experience?

Bored to Death: Escape from the Dungeon! HBO 10 PM ET

Jonathan takes a job as a writing teacher at a night school, but continues to do investigations on the side, this time for a police officer.

Eastbound & Down: Chapter 7 HBO 10:30 PM ET

Kenny Powers goes to Mexico to escape his problems, but ends up planning a comeback.

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