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What to Watch- Monday, Sept 27

26 Sep

How I Met Your Mother: Cleaning House CBS 8 PM ET

Everyone helps Barney’s mother move out of her house and in the process discover some of her secrets.

Chuck: Chuck Versus the Suitcase NBC 8 PM ET

Chuck and Sarah go undercover for Milan’s fashion week.

House: Selfish FOX 8 PM ET

House treats a 14 year old who collapses during a skateboard competition, and weighs the possibility of taking one life to save another. Continue reading


Dibs!- HIMYM S6E1

21 Sep

The gang is back at MacLaren's. Source: sidereel.com

How I Met Your Mother is finally back for it’s sixth season and it starts off with a bang, placing Ted at what we assume is his big day at the alter.  Of course, its not that easy, because pretty soon we are back in the present day saddled up with a beer in MacLaren’s. Continue reading

Old Favorites- Monday, Sept 20

20 Sep

How I Met Your Mother: “Big Days” CBS 8 PM ET

Ted runs into his ex-girlfriend, who also happens to be his future wife’s roommate.  Robin is still recovering after Don left last season.

Chuck: “Chuck Versus the Anniversary”  NBC 8 PM ET

Chuck searches for his mother and the Buy More gets a new updated look, including new employee Olivia Munn. Continue reading