Dibs!- HIMYM S6E1

21 Sep

The gang is back at MacLaren's. Source: sidereel.com

How I Met Your Mother is finally back for it’s sixth season and it starts off with a bang, placing Ted at what we assume is his big day at the alter.  Of course, its not that easy, because pretty soon we are back in the present day saddled up with a beer in MacLaren’s.  Ted is inevitably planning his move on a cute blonde at the bar, when Barney strolls in and calls dibs on her.  After a long discussion about the history and merrits of dibs-ing, Ted eventually wins the right to approach her.  Unfortunately, at this moment Ted’s ex-girlfriend, played by Rachel Bilson, approaches the same girl and it becomes evident that they are friends. This makes Ted wonder if this same blonde is actually his ex’s roommate, who Ted believes is the perfect woman for him, and we also know to be his future wife.  (If only he can see her ankles!). 

Meanwhile, Robin is still recovering from her atrocious break-up with Don last season.  It seems she isn’t taking it very well, evidenced by her hobo look, and stray cheetos in her hair.  She provides the main comedic element for the episode, along with Barney as they bicker over whether or not she’s lost “it”.  It being the ability to have men flock to her.  This causes Robin to leave the bar (with her fast food) and to return later in the episode completely done up.  When a man approaches her, she scream “FOURTEEN! FOURTEEN SECONDS!”, the amount of time she was waiting before a man tried to hit on her.  Thus, proving to Barney, that in fact, she has not lost it.

Also, this episode certainly did not leave out our favorite married couple, Marshall and Lily.  The majority of the episode we see them fighting about who should and should not know that they are trying to conceive a child.  Lily wants to keep it private, whereas Marshall cannot keep the exciting news to himself (cue the office rally as he leaves for his sex date).  After a serious conversation and some funny bits with Marshall’s father butting into all sorts of their business, the couple resolves the issue and are back on track.

At the episode’s end we find out that the blonde at the bar is in fact not Ted’s future wife, and is instead Rachel Bilson’s new girlfriend.  Despite this, we are left with some new information, as we know that while the wedding at the beginning is not Ted’s, it is the place where Ted does meet his mysterious future wife.  Overall, Season 6 seems to be going back to the show’s roots and gearing up to show how Ted does find his children’s mother.

Next Episode: Monday, September 27, CBS 8 PM ET

“Cleaning House” (promo to be added soon)


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