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What to Watch- Monday, Sept 27

26 Sep

How I Met Your Mother: Cleaning House CBS 8 PM ET

Everyone helps Barney’s mother move out of her house and in the process discover some of her secrets.

Chuck: Chuck Versus the Suitcase NBC 8 PM ET

Chuck and Sarah go undercover for Milan’s fashion week.

House: Selfish FOX 8 PM ET

House treats a 14 year old who collapses during a skateboard competition, and weighs the possibility of taking one life to save another. Continue reading


Jackie Kennedy Would Not Have Camel Toe- PR S8E8

17 Sep

January Jones Guest Judges (source: mylifetime.com)

 This week’s challenge: Classic American Sportswear inspired by Jackie O Continue reading

New Fall Season 2010!

16 Sep

Where will you be tuning into? (Source: Zap2it.com)

Summer is just about over and the weather is getting colder out there.  But hey, all the more reason to stay inside and catch up on some old favorites before the new season starts!  Most shows are starting again next week, but a few are taking this week to get a leg up on the competition (I’m looking at you The Apprentice).  While some networks really threw us for a loop, starting things up last week (thank you CW!). 

I have to say the shows I’m most looking forward to returning are Bones, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Chuck and Modern Family.  I’m also pretty psyched to check out the new shows, hopefully there will be some good ones.  What shows are you most looking forward too?  Any new shows look good, or better yet what ones will you be avoiding at all costs?