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New Shows- Wednesday, Sept 22

21 Sep

Undercovers: NBC 8 PM ET

Steve and Samantha Bloom seem like the perfect couple and business partners of a catering company in LA.  What most do not know, is that they were two of the top CIA agents, until they decided to retire 5 years ago.  When Leo Nash, a spy and friend of the couple, goes missing, the agency calls up and asks them to rejoin.  Will the spy life rejuvinate their marriage or tear it apart?

Better With You: ABC 8:30 PM ET

This comedy series focuses on three separate couples: Maddie and Ben, Vicky and Joel, and Mia and Casey.  When Mia and Casey decide to suddenly get married it brings two completely different philosophies of life to a head.  Will all three couples be able to live with each other’s choices?

The Whole Truth: ABC 10 PM ET

This series pits a team of District Attorneys against the best Defense firm in Manhattan.  The jury and audience will hear both sides of each case and come to their own conclusions.  It is not until the final scene that the truth is unveiled.  Will you be able to discern the truth?

The Defenders: CBS 10 PM ET

The Defenders is a law drama focusing on two defense attorneys, Nick and Pete, and their law firm in Las Vegas.  Both men come from different backgrounds, one a ladies man living the high life, the other trying to repair his marriage.  However, Nick and Pete come together each week to defend their clients with passion and conviction.


Old Favorites- Tuesday, Sept 21

21 Sep

Glee: “Audition” FOX 8 PM ET

The Glee Club recruits new members and have to adjust to being the outcasts at school again after losing in regionals.

NCIS: “Spider and the Fly” CBS 8 PM ET

Paloma Reynosa is still on the run and Gibbs must take extreme measures to protect all of his close friends and family.

The Biggest Loser: NBC 8 PM ET

Jillian and Bob, the trainers on the Biggest Loser

The trainers visit seven US cities searching for new, deserving and motivated contestants for the new season.  The tenth season focuses on the theme of “Paying it Forward”.

New Shows- Tuesday, Sept 21

21 Sep

Raising Hope: FOX 9 PM ET

A comedy about a young man who must raise his child with the help of his quirky family.

Running Wilde: FOX 9:30 PM ET

A story about an immature, rich man who tries to win the heart of his crunchy child-hood sweetheart.  Will opposites attract in the new FOX comedy?

Detroit 1-8-7: ABC 10 PM ET

A crime drama following an inner city homicide unit in Detroit.

Old Favorites- Monday, Sept 20

20 Sep

How I Met Your Mother: “Big Days” CBS 8 PM ET

Ted runs into his ex-girlfriend, who also happens to be his future wife’s roommate.  Robin is still recovering after Don left last season.

Chuck: “Chuck Versus the Anniversary”  NBC 8 PM ET

Chuck searches for his mother and the Buy More gets a new updated look, including new employee Olivia Munn. Continue reading

New Shows- Monday, Sept 20

20 Sep

Lone Star: FOX 9 PM ET

Lone Star follows the life of Robert/Bob Allen, a man who is living two separate lives in the state of Texas.  In one life he aims to con the local residents of their savings and in the other he is close to cleaning out a family business fortune.

The Event: NBC 9 PM ET

A thriller aimed to please Lost fans with many plot twists and unanswered questions.  The Event follows Sean Walker, an average guy, who is trying to find his missing fiance.  During his quest, he starts uncovering a huge government cover-up.  But will we be left with more questions than answers in this series?

Continue reading

Sunday, Sept 19 Premieres

18 Sep
Boardwalk Empire: HBO 9 PM ET (reruns at 10:15 and 11:30)
Boardwalk Empire is a show set in Atlantic City during the beginning of prohibition.  It stars Steve Buscemi, Shea Whigham, Frank Crudele, Michael Stuhlberg, Vincent Piazza, Michael Pitt, and Stephen Graham.  The focus of the program is on the interplay of politics in the gambling mecca and the gangsters that rule the boardwalk.  Boasting elaborate sets and Martin Scorsese at the helm, HBO just might have their new Sopranos.