Princess Beyonce- Raising Hope S1E1

22 Sep

The Chance Family with Princess Beyonce...I mean Hope. Source: FOX


Raising Hope centers around a white trash family whose life is changed after a one-night stand leads to a new addition.  The show’s main character is Jimmy Chance, a 23 year-old guy with not much going for him.  He’s a pool cleaner in the family business and looks at himself as a nobody. 

One night, he has to go out to get some bubblegum ice cream for his grandma (Maw Maw) and ends up “saving” a pretty woman from a crazy man.  They end up having a passionate night in the ridiculous purple van, and she seems like the perfect new girlfriend.  The whole family takes a liking to her, including Jimmy’s mom (Virginia), dad (Burt), and live-in cousin.  Soon the happy morning is shattered, when the local news reveals that the girl is actually a wanted felon, who incidentally has murdered her past boyfriends. 

Fast forward 8 months and Jimmy finds out that his one-night stand is pregnant with his child, who he will inherit after she is executed.  Jimmy then spends the rest of the episode learning how to become a dad to Princess Beyonce (the unfortunate name given to his daughter) by trial-and-error and with the reluctant help of his parents.  By the end of the episode, they all realize that they can raise the child and (thank goodness!) need to change her name to something more respectable, Hope. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this new comedy from FOX.  I went into it with low expectations, but the show started off strong and kept going.  I thought the comparison of Virginia and Burt’s parenting mistakes with Jimmy’s were a nice touch and Jimmy’s naivety led to some great situations (picking out baby food, anyone?).  I thought the characters became well-defined and despite some atrocious parenting decisions, they were all still like-able.  Despite this, I think the show could do without so much of the delusional grandmother bits because most of them just seem like filler for the episode.  Otherwise, I think Raising Hope started off well and hopefully will continue to get better. 

Next Episode: Sept 28, FOX 9 PM ET 

“Dead Tooth” 

Jimmy finds a daycare for Hope.


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