I’m Gonna Go Get My Thing!- Running Wilde S1E1

22 Sep

The Cast of Running Wilde. Source: FOX

This new comedy from the same people who brought us the classic “Arrested Development” had a lot of high expectations. Unfortunately, from the first episode it does not seem like this show is going to get anywhere close to the comedic genius of Mitchell Hurwitz’s past. 

The show opens with Will Arnett playing Steven Wilde, a lonely playboy living off his father’s wealth derived from an oil company.  There are some funny moments that show how out of touch Wilde is with reality, namely when his butler/friend Migo suggests that $100 is barely enough for 6 diet sodas.  And yes, the character’s name is Migo, amigo minus the A….so creative, but don’t worry this isn’t the most atrocious character name of the episode.  But basically, Steven Wilde is hard to like throughout the episode.  He is pictured as a dumb, self-involved, person and the gimmicks (the horse scene and the plaque) to portray this typically fall flat.

On the other side of the world, is Wilde’s love interest, Emmy Kadubic, played by Kerri Russell.  We see her living in the rainforest among a native tribe, fighting for their rights to the land.  She is living with her activist boyfriend, Andy (David Cross, also from Arrested Development), who also seems incredibly dumb.  In addition, Emmy has a daughter, Puddle (yes, she named her child PUDDLE), who absolutely hates the rainforest and takes a vow of silence in protest of living there.  Puddle also happens to be the voice-over for the show, and while she is probably the most endearing character of the show I am not a fan of the constant narrative she provides.

By mid-episode, both families collide (minus poor Andy) at the Wilde estate for a humanitarian award being given to Steven.   Steven ends up convincing/tricking Emmy into staying at the mansion with Puddle, mainly due to Puddle’s trickery as Steven would be way to dumb to come up with anything semi-believable.  And the fact that Emmy fell for the nonsensical psychologist scheme suggests that she is not to bright either.  So at the end of our 30 minute venture, the threesome are all moved in together and Emmy has decided that Steven Wilde is her new charity cause.

Overall, I was none to impressed with the pilot of Running Wilde.  It was boring, had way too many scenes that fell flat, and the main characters were hard to even take an interest in.  I will probably tape it next week in the hopes that this was just a one-time thing, but right now this new show doesn’t have me running to the tv.  What did you think about the Pilot, and are you planning on watching it next week?

Next Week: “Into the Wilde” Sept 28, FOX 9:30 PM ET

Steven plans to bring Emmy and Puddle on a family vacation, but Andy interrupts.

One Response to “I’m Gonna Go Get My Thing!- Running Wilde S1E1”

  1. Red Beard September 23, 2010 at 12:55 am #

    One episode is all I like to give shows. This one is definitely not going to make the cut next week. Sad really. I had hoped for so much. Maybe after it’s canceled in a couple of weeks these guys will focus on the Arrested Development movie.

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