S.O.S. Skin on Skin- Chuck S4E1

21 Sep

The Frost Queen aka Chuck's Mother source: seat42f.com

After the end of the third season it seemed everything about Chuck was going to change.  The Buy More was destroyed,  Jeffster were running from the law, Ellie finally knew everything, and Chuck was no longer a spy.  Well, it seems you could take the title away from Chuck but he would still find a way to be a “spy”.  This time his mission would be a more personal one; trying to locate his mother (played by Linda Hamilton). 

Without the resources of the government, Chuck and Morgan come to find the harsh realities of being a spy on your own dime.  The two journey all around the world following intel by using public transportation (a means which is apparently very hard to track).  After flying to all different exotic locales, it seems the most promising lead was right under their nose in LA, of course.  This inevitably turns into a dead-end, and saddled with $43k in debt (As Morgan surmises “Being a spy is expensive”) and a repo-man on their case, Chuck must find a new job.

Eventually, Chuck ends up back at the Buy More.  The store has apparently been rebuilt and looks better than ever.  But not everything is as it seems, the Buy More ends up being a spy super “castle”, and Chuck is once again being recruited into the spy life by Beckman.

The rest of the episode follows Chuck and Morgan (a hilarious spy duo) getting closer to finding Chuck’s long-lost mother.  In true Chuck fashion, this also happens to coincide with them being in the same location (a criminal base in Moscow) to save Casey and Sarah, who have been captured on a separate mission.  This results in one of the funniest scenes in the episode, where Sarah is trying to text for help and Morgan believes she is sexting Chuck instead.  In the end, Chuck saves the day with the help of the intersect, but must sacrifice more knowledge about his mother’s whereabouts. 

By the end of the episode, we know that Chuck will continue to be a spy, Chuck’s mother was also a spy (codename: Frost) and is also on the run, and Ellie is pregnant (a nice excuse to keep her in the dark).  So it seems the main focus of the season will be on Frost, interspersed with the comedic spy adventures we all are accustomed to.

 What’s Upcoming in this Season:


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