New Shows- Monday, Sept 20

20 Sep

Lone Star: FOX 9 PM ET

Lone Star follows the life of Robert/Bob Allen, a man who is living two separate lives in the state of Texas.  In one life he aims to con the local residents of their savings and in the other he is close to cleaning out a family business fortune.

The Event: NBC 9 PM ET

A thriller aimed to please Lost fans with many plot twists and unanswered questions.  The Event follows Sean Walker, an average guy, who is trying to find his missing fiance.  During his quest, he starts uncovering a huge government cover-up.  But will we be left with more questions than answers in this series?

Mike and Molly: CBS 9:30 PM ET

A romantic comedy about Officer Mike Biggs and elementary school teacher Molly Flynn.  The couple meet at an overeaters anonymous meeting and fall in love while trying to shed some pounds.

Chase: NBC 10 PM ET

 Chase is just what the title suggests, a story of a team of US Marshals chasing after some of the country’s most dangerous fugitives.  It centers on Marshal Annie Frost and her team of characters and takes place in Texas.

Hawaii Five-O: CBS 10 PM ET

Hawaii Five-O is modern take on the classic tv show.  It focuses on a newly created federal task force in Hawaii whose mission is to rid the state of criminal activity.


One Response to “New Shows- Monday, Sept 20”

  1. Larrythamerry September 20, 2010 at 6:52 pm #

    this is a great blog i cant wait to see hawaii 5-0!!!

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