Which One of Us is the Woman?- Sunny S6E1

17 Sep

Mac Explains Gay Sex with Plugs

Season 6 of It’s Always Sunny centers around marriage.  It all starts when Mac, trying to get into the gym using Dennis’ id, runs into his “hardbody” ex Carmen.  Soon he discovers that Carmen’s nice tuck-job is not a tuck-job at all and that she’s finally gotten the surgery that held back their relationship before (oh did I not mention that Carmen is Mac’s ex-tranny girlfriend?).  Mac is outraged that she never called him post-op and even more offended when he learns that she is now married to a “softbody” black guy.

In typical fashion, Mac uses flawed logic and comes to the conclusion that his ex’s new union is a gay marriage, which is totally uncool with the Bible.  After discussing this with the gang, this starts everyone thinking about the subject.

Dennis and Dee then start to wonder why they have not gotten married yet?  Both recall a set of siblings they both liked back when Dennis was in the 10th grade (the Ponderosa’s).  They end up setting up a meeting with them at a Subway.  This could only go swimmingly, as Charlie remembers Maureen as “Dead Tooth” and Dee keeps having her gag reflex kick in when she thinks of Bill Ponderosa.  Of course, the siblings that show up are not what the two expected.  Bill has gained some weight and got married, so Dee peaces out pretty fast.  And Maureen shows up in a nice sparkly grandma sweater, but Dennis is blind with longing for a marriage and his 10th grade romance.

Meanwhile, after Charlie and Frank both end up needing to go to the chiropractor, Charlie comes up with the ingenious plan to enter into a domestic partnership in order for both of them to use Frank’s health insurance.  The draw for Frank ends up being that Charlie will stop Dee and Dennis from pulling the plug immediately, if he ever were to end up on life support.  However, halfway through the process Frank gets cold feet because he does not want either of them to have to be the girl.  They go to the gym to meet Carmen, where she informs them that neither of them need to have their penis chopped off and sent to China.  Charlie then reasons that the partnership is actually just “two dudes” getting married, which obviously to him does not seem very gay at all.

When Charlie and Frank go to the courthouse to get married they end up running into Dennis who coincidentally just married Maureen Ponderosa (by signing one sheet, whereas Charlie and Frank are holding a stack of papers).  Dennis then tells Mac he has to move out of the apartment because his new wife is moving in.  When Mac goes to try and find a new place to stay with Dee, he discovers that she has (true to character) bedded the married Bill Ponderosa.  Meanwhile, Dennis finally notices why Maureen was known as “Dead Tooth” and realizes that maybe marriage is not so right for him.  We can only hope that future episodes will show us the D.E.N.N.I.S. system in play and bring Sunny back to its greater days, because this was one lackluster episode.

Next Week: Dennis Gets A Divorce

A clip from season 6 episode 2.

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