And The Winner Is… – Top Chef S7E14

17 Sep

Which of the top 3 did the judges choose?

I’m still recovering from Tiffany being sent home before Singapore because she was no doubt the most likeable on the show.  Nevermind that, this posting is all about the Finale (Part 2) of the seventh season of Top Chef.  The final three chefs in the competition were Angelo, Ed, and Kevin, what a sausage-fest :/.  The main drama in the episode was not who would win, but rather, would Angelo compete?  The poor guy came down with a cold just nights before the final challenge.  The show ended up giving him some lee-way, letting his partner do all the prep work solo.  Wasn’t Hung such a superstar?  Angelo ended up sacrificing a lot of time trying to recover.  The most awkward scene of the episode…Angelo getting an antibacterial shot in the butt.  Thank you Bravo, just what I wanted to see while watching a show about food.

In the end, Angelo did compete, while wearing gloves thank goodness!  The competition was heated and I really enjoyed the show’s decision to have everyone cook the same proteins.  This was interesting because normally the chefs choose different main components and its a little bit harder to distinguish the difference.  Is there really a good way to compare a duck dish versus a vegetarian pasta?  This decision eliminated all this guesswork and forced each chef to be original with the same ingedient choices. 

Most things in the episode were pretty standard: almost every dish looked delicious, Eric Ripert continued to look especially creepy, and Ed was sweating an enormous amount.  One of my favorite things about the episode was when the past winners came back as sous-chefs (Michael Volt, Hung, and Ilan).  Did anyone else think it was incredibly cute that the two friends (Michael and Kevin) got partnered together?

With all that going on, a winner had to be declared.  Top Chef got pretty down and dirty, after showing like a 5 minute breakdown of everyone’s food they just announced the winner pretty suddenly.  Maybe I’ve been watching America’s Got Talent and am just not used to this?  Well the winner was……

Kevin is crowned Top Chef of Season 7


Do you think his dishes and career on the show made him deserving of the Top Chef title??


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