You Suck! – Vamp Die S2E2

16 Sep


The main focus of the second episode of the sophomore season of Vampire Diaries was all about Caroline.  For the most part, well as much as Vamp Die can be with so many supernatural things going on.  Newly formed vamp Caroline, a nice present from Katherine, starts off going through the changes on her own and loving the blood life.  Unfortunately this creepy new addiction to blood hasn’t made her more commanding and her lines are still pathetic.  During the big scene where she’s supposed to be confronting Damon like a vixen, she chooses to part with the great words “You Suck!”.  No Caroline, actually you suck for still having lines that only two year olds would utter and feel cool.  I think my favorite moment was when she killed the poor guy at the carnival (first mind controlled then killed, seriously bad luck).  I couldn’t stop myself from thinking “Once you go black, you never go back?”

On another note, now that she is a vampire isn’t anyone the least bit concerned that she can’t wander around town at all in the daylight? EVER, anymore.  She does not have access to a fancy ring like the Salvatore brothers, so I guess she’ll just have to settle for getting her GED.  But then again, I guess Damon had this angle covered.  In typical Damon fashion, he suggests just to kill her.  Of course this plan fails when the beloved Elena steps in, but I guess we’re back to brooding Damon for a while now.

Bonnie was a minor part of this episode but when she came on, dang she brought it.  Caroline should really take some cues from Bonnie, because this amateur witch really meant what she said, and make her mark in style.  Using witch powers to set Damon on fire, excellent.  However, I do miss the calm Bonnie and would like her back more than this psycho girl we’re dealing with now.  I’m sorry about your grandma, but this grudge is getting old.  Plus its putting smoldering (excuse the pun?) Damon in harms way 😦

Other plot points:

-Tyler gets closer to learning the one of the worst kept secrets in the show.  He opens up about his blind rage with his Uncle  (which by the way, gratuitous pec shots AND arm wrestling…thank you).  Tyler also finds the mysterious stone Mason’s been nagging nonstop about.

-Damon is appointed the head of the Vampire Hunting Society

-Excessive Cheese Factors: Matt stutters through a proclaimation of love for Caroline ending with “uhhh I think I love you” AND Stefan flys Elena up to the top of a lonely ferris wheel ride and they hold each other sweetly

Next Week’s Preview: “Bad Moon Rising” 

It seems the dog’s out the bag on this one.  Tyler and Mason are most likely found out to be werewolves.  The most telling line in the promo- Elena “A werewolf bite can kill a vampire”

MUSIC: All songs from this episode can be found here 


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